The Great Community Node Rewards Giveaway!

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Community Node has been the first on many fronts: We were the first community group to announce our Super Representative campaign, we were the first to produce a block on the Tron Test net, and we were the first SR group to create a voter rewards program. Now we’re the first to set our reward rate ahead of time.

Most Super Representatives offer a reward based on a percentage of their earnings, and then divide that amount by all their voters. The more votes they get, the smaller the vote reward is for everyone.

Community Node now offers a set rate reward which you can count on ahead of time. And to start things off, we’re offering the highest reward rate of ANY Super Representative! For the next week, we’re giving a 0.000065 TRX per vote reward!!

You’ll always be able to check our upcoming reward on our tronscan Super Representative Team Page and of course our own website. We’ll give 24 hours notice when we revise this rate.

BUT THAT’S NOT ALL!! (h/t Bob Popiel)

We will hold a series of raffles for our voters with a chance to win between 100 TRX and 1000 TRX every day. At least once daily we will draw addresses from our current list of voters. For every 1000 votes each address casts for Community Node they will get one entry in the raffle.


We’re also giving away a 10,000 TRX grand prize on November 20! All votes during that time will qualify for an entry in the raffle. Same as above, every 1000 votes gets you one entry.

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