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Created Tokens not showing up?

Find the original post here: post I have created two different tokens, with different wallets, and they have yet to show up after two days. Any ideas? tia submitted by /u/trigyyz [link] [comments]

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Last chance to buy CryptoTrade TRC10 token on TronScan

Find the original post here: post Link to token participation page. Token participation ends at 9am. The token can be used to pay trading fees as described below. About CryptoTrade is a cryptocurrency exchange specifically designed to enable trading of the Tron network’s TRC10 tokens against its primary coin called Tronix (TRX), with possibilities…

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Will there be actual gaming?

Find the original post here: post I know it’s early but so far every Dapp is just the same variation of rng gambling or shrimp farm or collecting some bullshit meaningless pixels. Will we see real gaming on the Tron network eventually? submitted by /u/Acidwyrm [link] [comments]

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