Lost all my TRX! Lesson well learned, please help!

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Hello everyone,

My friends and I have owned Tron TRX for a while now. We recently thought it would be a good idea (it definitely was not) to bet our Tron at the website https://tronbet.io/?r=Join#/dice. It ended horribly with me losing all of my ~6000 TRX in an extremely unlucky bet (the odds of me winning were 95%). I feel really bad and will never bet ever again. I really want to get back into the Tron community but am not ready to spend more money on Tron. Is anyone willing to donate a few Tron to me to get me back into it? Anything would help me. Here is my TRX address: TJ4sxkTcPExs9wFFH8JeEcpHKqUw5LTodT

Thank you all so much! Let’s see this moon Tron, come on!

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