I am using the web tronscan ledger update, tried to freeze a million and now it is stuck and showing conflicting data. Please help. TRX 1000 reward to anyone that can help.

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I froze over a million TRX because I tested the previos day with 200 and seemed to work.

Here is my transaction hash for the frozen contract from the web tronscan ledger supported site : https://tronscan.github.io/tronscan-frontend/#/transaction/0f1bd0eef2b2bf89c14a2f3f3ce9232869f84da258ae78a02c8ed94c1702c15a . it shows the balance confirmed and frozen

yet my tron power still shows only 200 which is from from the previous freeze.


the link shows the unfrozen balance and I can’t move it from the desktop nor the ledger web tronscan update. It seems to be in some inbetween world.

What do I do? A little freaked out.

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