Tron [TRX]’s Justin Sun retaliates to Jed McCaleb’s statement; says TRX will take its place in 2019

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Justin Sun, the founder and CEO of Tron Foundation, has retaliated to the statement made by Jed McCaleb, the co-founder of Ripple and Stellar. The CTO of Interstellar recently remarked that Tron was “garbage” in an interview with Yahoo Finance. During the interview, McCaleb also mentioned on other notable factors in the cryptocurrency space apart from the price. He was also asked about the progress of the space since 2009.

McCaleb started by asserting that the journey from 2009 up till now has been “super interesting”. He went on to say that space has seen “way more” growth that what was originally anticipated, adding that it is amazing to him how hype-driven it is at present.

He further stated that there were projects with zero technical merit that have raised millions of dollars, remarking that it seems like a “big shame”. This was followed by the CTO claiming that 90% of these projects are “B.S”. His statement read:

“Things like Tron, it’s just garbage. But people dump tons of money into it, these things that just do not technically work. In a lot of cases it just needs to be some sort of digital payment and you might as well use Stellar or bitcoin. You don’t need a separate type of payment for cannabis.”

To this, Justin Sun replied on his official Twitter handle:

“BitTorrent: The OG in P2P, 1B+ users, bringing P2P to mass market. eDonkey, founded by @JedMcCaleb: RIP 2002. Guess we’re doing pretty well for “garbage” Prediction for 2019 : #TRON vs @StellarOrg will have same results as @BitTorrent vs eDonkey $TRX #XLM”

This was soon followed by Sun making another statement on the current sixth-largest cryptocurrency by market cap. Misha Lederman, a TRX enthusiast pointed out that Tron had 318x more transaction in comparison to Stellar on December 31, 2018. On that day, Tron records a total transaction of more than 2 million, whereas the transaction of Stellar is pictured to be 8,793.

To this, Sun said:

“We don’t think @StellarLumens is our competitor at all since they have extremely low transaction volume, centralized&non-democratic system and 0 Dapps. #TRON will take their place within 2019 anyway. #TRX $TRX #XLM”

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