I’m seeing shades of neo/ont in trx/btt…

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NEO was supposed to be the “Chinese ethereum” then the people behind it brought out ontology and now seem to be pushing ONT more at the expense of NEO. I’m starting to see the same thing play out with TRX/BTT. Even Justin Sun’s twitter backdrop just has BitTorrent / BTT logos plastered everywhere and TRX is missing. The BTT airdrop was a dud. Anyone who wanted BTT just bought it instead using BTC and BNB. Thank goodness binance did not have a BTT/TRX pairing or the TRX dump would have been worse than it already is. The same %allocation of BTT as the recent airdrop is going to be given for FREE anyone who uses the utorrent client. If Justin Sun wants to show some love to the people who put him on the map (trx holders) he needs to step it up because from my vantage point he has ditched TRX at the altar for the bridesmaid. I say this as a frustrated TRX holder since Jan 2018.

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