The TronHelp seeks to speed the development of Tron dapps

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Community Node Super Representative Candidate has today begun airdropping a TronHelp (HELP) token to our voters.

The HELP token will be the only currency accepted at our website. What is trondata and why is it important? Developers need to query data in order to feed their programs, scripts, apps…

Sometimes blockchain does not offer quick answers to complex questions. The information is there but it isn’t indexed. You can’t ask trongrid to show you all the transactions to or from an address because that requires the address to be used as the index. You say tronscan can show this? That’s because tronscan has added an index, but tronscan is not a reliable api for Tron data.

With the HELP token I hope to start a new economy that will speed the development of Tron dapps

Many of us recently embarked on a months long journey to study solidity and smart contracts. Tron Discord has a #lookingfordevs chan with lots of requests and zero offers. There are some devs who are adept at solidity but they are too busy to help the newbies. Just a little help could save newbies months of learning curve time.

Developers are reluctant to get in the position to help because their time is valuable and no one wants to ask for money for helping people.

Newbies don’t have the resources to pay developers money to help them.

What we need to grease the wheels of this machine is to airdrop a token that has no value, yet sought after developers are willing to work for them.

So HELP can be a token that creates an economy around helping each other while still being generally ambiguous as to what the dollar value would translate as.

The key to all this is the economic engine that is

The flow of HELP tokens will be toward the developers who work for them. They need something to spend those tokens on. We have one of the few things they value – Data – and it offers them a savings of one thing they are most short on – Time. TronHelp (HELP) A token that everyone can use to pay for services

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