I’ve spent 15,000 TRX on a new game called SteemMonsters. What do you know about it and do you think it was a good/ poor way to spend some of my TRX? Thanks for your insight!

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SteemMonsters (soon to be known as Splinterlands) is a blockchain based trading card game. It came across my news feed and I was interested. I think made the jump and began an account ($10.00 USD for the starter pack) I liked what I read and so I bought some of the limited supply booster packs. I learned how to play the game and began learning about what makes it unique. I have continued buying packs and building up a deck. The unique thing about this game is that there are a limited number of cards and over time people will “burn” the supply by combining like cards to make them stronger. I think this game might need so extra attention, I feel that it will be pretty popular among the trading card crowd one day soon. Thanks for your comments and opinions!

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