Worldwide know game of bingo on Tron Network

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Greetings to all. I am founder of BingTron. A week ago we had very successful fundraising for our idea on Seedgerminator Ideas. We raised 400k TRX within 30 hours to develop worldwide know classic game of bingo on Tron Network. This will be classic bingo game with guaranteed winners every single game. House will take 10% from every purchased ticket and the rest is going into pot for the game. Here you can find detailed information about DApp

Important part here, BingTron has ownership of two domains and other domains/website pretending to be us are scam. We will use only these domains for our dapp. Other thing: we have not issued our own token. For ticket purchases we will use only TRX and SEED. So if you see for sale tokens which are linked to us or whatsoever keep in my those are not our tokens!

If you have questions or just want to keep updated regarding development then please join our socials: Twitter: @TronBing Telegram:

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