Energy cost analysis on gambling sites – How to earn more by paying less TRX for Energy

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All Dapps are powered by smart contracts. When you interact with a Dapp you are interacting with the smart contract behind it.

For example, when you place a bet on a gambling site, you are essentially calling the contract behind the Dapp which stores some data on your behalf on the blockchain. And because it takes processing power to process your request and storage to store your data, you are charged Energy (or TRX if your account has no energy). This is called the transaction(txn) cost.

Because of the fast txn speeds and relatively low txn costs on the Tron blockchain, it is home to a number of active gambling Dapps. But, just because the txn costs in Tron are low does not mean that txns on all Dapps cost about the same. There are a few high volume gambling sites where txns cost a ridiculous amount of energy (or TRX). We were able to identify 2 such sites just by doing cursory research. On these sites, placing a simple bet costs as much 3-4 TRX in txn costs alone.

TRON users need to educate themselves on what txn costs are and be aware of how much a txn costs in energy so they can make an informed decision before frequenting any Dapp sites. Placing a dice bet on Tronbet costs about 15000 Energy (0.15 TRX) which is currently covered by Tronbet. But, there is no guarantee that this cost will always be covered and if you make several bets a day or set your account to “Auto” where continuous bets are placed from your account automatically, these txn costs add up and put a big dent in your winnings.

So, what can I do?

There are 2 ways to gain Energy.

  1. You can freeze TRX in your account which will lock your TRX and render them unuseable for transactions.

  2. You can burn TRX. Currently, burning 1 TRX generates 100000 TRX.


You can buy energy on the TokenGoodies exchange.

Why should I purchase Energy on the exchange?

If you don’t have enough TRX to freeze to gain the energy you need, you can purchase energy at the TokenGoodies exchange. The cost of your Energy purchase will depend on the price you choose in your buy order. Even the highest price you choose (9 sun per energy per day) on our exchange is still 10% cheaper than the current burning rate. And, there is no exchange fee for buy orders.

Plus, because the buy orders are filled by TRON users, you’d be contributing to the free trading of Tron resources in a decentralized manner, an idea upon which Tron was originally conceived on.

Note: You are NOT buying or selling energy/bandwidth from/to TokenGoodies. All buy/sell orders are filled by TRON users.


Buy Energy/Bandwidth for less on TokenGoodies exchange and save a ton of TRX in transaction costs.

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