Bitcoin SV [BSV]’s Calvin Ayre fires back again after John McAfee’s unsolicited advice

Find the original post here: postCalvin Ayre, the Bitcoin SV [BSV] spearhead, did not back down following the uproar that followed his tweets last week. He has defended his pictures of “young” women dancing, and pushed back against his critics, labeling them “anti-scaling trolls,” including the crypto-stalwart, John McAfee. On March 12, the Founder of the…

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888 Tron: New gaming DApp on Tron’s mainnet provides dividends in TRX

Find the original post here: post888 Tron platform, a gaming platform based on the Tron network, was launched in December 2018.  With an aim to revolutionize the gaming industry, the platform intends to change the traditional approach to managing a business in the industry. 888 Tron is ranked No.1 with volume on the Tron blockchain,…

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Bitcoin Cash [BCH] pumps by 9% as market’s bullish wave continues

Find the original post here: postBitcoin Cash [BCH] saw yet another significant price increase, days after the coin rose by a whopping 18 percent against the US Dollar. On 16 March, Bitcoin’s [BTC] breach of the $4,000 mark saw the collective market surge, shooting past the $140 billion mark, with top coins in a sea…

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