Whitelist My Token

Find the original post here: post Hello Sir Good Morning Sir ,i have created a token on 11 Jan 2019 for my project called DEP ( Token ID – 1001909 ) that is not visible on tronscan will you please whitelist my token if you want, you can review my project Sir, my…

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IGG Token Conversion w/ Ledger Nano S

Find the original post here: post Anyone encountering an error (stating: Asset does not exist) when sending their IGG (TRC 10) from their Ledger Nano using to the conversion wallet? ​ I also attempted to send it to my second wallet (not ledger) and it also gave me the same error. Wondering if there’s…

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[SkyPeople] New Game R&D progress / 2018 PlayX4 Award Medal

Find the original post here: post #SkyPeople #Game #Development #PlayX4 #Award ​ Hello! ​ This is SkyPeople and I’m CM Sean! ​ I brought two awesome news. ​ Let’s have it look following! ​ ————————————— ​ 1. New Game Development ​ SkyPeople is developing New game after the <Final Blade>! ​ Development is still in…

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