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Book (WRT)

Find the original post here: post Book(WRT) is the first token on the TRON Platform to help and support authors and writers to receive 100% what they deserve. More information can be found here (Official Website) (vote here) (info is being updated) submitted by /u/Adity_A [link] [comments]

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Find the original post here: post like title says, won’t let me login, it just says “loading wallet” i’ve waited up to 15 minutes on wifi and off wifi. can anyone help? submitted by /u/btcraig97 [link] [comments]

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Bad News: Need Clarity

Find the original post here: post Hello Tron Community, I was curious to know what you guys feel about Binance as it is under a lot of heat by Japan’s SEC. I also was curious as to what should we do if something were to happen to the exchange due to all of these SEC…

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