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Is exist any tool for analysing Tron contracts?

Find the original post here: post Is there a contract analysis tool? For example, I want to know by day how much money came into the contract and how much money left the contract on the current day. ​ I want to write a script but I understand that I am not very friendly with…

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BTT vs. Holochain

Find the original post here: post Was reading an article and noticed this: ​ But there’s another scenario that’s even more interesting. You could actually develop and deploy websites that would run on BitTorrent. You would have no servers, but the sites would be hosted by the decentralized network and not by Microsoft, Google,…

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trxhill site down.

Find the original post here: post does anyone got any infos about ? they shutted down their site with 10k in their contract balance and funds started to be moved ,and there is no option to reach them . how is this blockchain gonna evolve when scams are all over? . and from what…

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