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Tokens on Tronscan transferred without knowledge.

Find the original post here: post I have a token on tronix and it shows that I transferred 500 blix to address but I did NOT initiate this. All other token buyers show as token holders. Can anyone explain why this one address shows a transfer (that I did not initiate)? Have I been…

#TRON Makes Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) Blockchain Protocol Switch.

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Converting TRON ERC20 to TRON Mainnet after "independence day" from a Ledger Nano (and back to storage again)

Find the original post here: post If you’re like me, you were so busy HODL’ing TRX that you didn’t have it on an exchange like Binance when the main net went live. What to do, what to do? You searched information and it’s all out of date. Most posts say “leave it on an exchange”,…

Confused About The TRON Used For Voting

Find the original post here: post I’m confused about how the voting works in regards to when you unfreeze your TRON. Do the TRON tied up in votes get refunded when you unfreeze? Or do you get your original frozen balance minus the amount tied up in votes? submitted by /u/Java1959 [link] [comments]

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Our latest bite-sized research report is on the wallet’s newest addition and first stablecoin ⚖️ USD PAX. Summarized in the blog here:

We would like to introduce the next @Binance Labs Fellow, Dr. @SCBuergel from @validitylabs & his project #HOPR

HOPR is an incentivized, decentralized mixnet scheme. Using Chaumian 'onion' encryption, HOPR protects both the encrypted message & metadata.

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According to @CoinMarketCap, it takes #BTT 4 months to be ranked 35th with 89 trading pairs which already surpassed the 82 trading pairs of #ADA ranked 10th. #BitTorrentSpeed and #BTLive will also be launched soon. More surprises brought by $BTT are coming soon. #BitTorrent

✅The number of #Dapps on #TRON continued to grow, increasing by 22 from last week to 392.

✅Transaction related data remained stable.

✅TRON also established a partnership with @Opera, a mainstream browser.
#TRON ecosystem is striding forward steadily.

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Tron (TRX) Price Analysis and Prediction 2019 – Stuck In A Trendless Flatline (May 24th Update) – CaptainAltcoin

Find the original post here: postTron (TRX) Price Analysis and Prediction 2019 – Stuck In A Trendless Flatline (May 24th Update)  CaptainAltcoin What does the future hold for Tron (TRX)? We take a comprehensive look at Tron potential in our Tron (TRX) price forecast for 2019, 2020, 2023 and beyond.

Weekly Cryptocurrency review from Monex Group – TradeStation

Find the original post here: postWeekly Cryptocurrency review from Monex Group  TradeStation Bitcoin consolidated this week after two months of solid gains. Bitcoin SV rallied on speculation of Craig Wright being recognized as Satoshi Nakamoto.

EOS, BNB and TRON (TRX) Will Rise Over 400% By The End of 2019, Panel of Experts Predicts – Ethereum World News

Find the original post here: postEOS, BNB and TRON (TRX) Will Rise Over 400% By The End of 2019, Panel of Experts Predicts  Ethereum World News Experts believe that EOS, BNB and Tron (TRX) will have an extremely bullish performance with peaks of more than 400%. They all share a bullish perception.

June 30: A Remarkable Day for Tron (TRX) In Stepping Up with 4 Developments – Today’s Gazette

Find the original post here: postJune 30: A Remarkable Day for Tron (TRX) In Stepping Up with 4 Developments  Today’s Gazette Tron (TRX) is set to be more complete than it is. After series of remarkable developments unveiled by Tron (TRX) foundation to pave way for its blockchain.

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Tron DApp Weekly Report: Gambling apps leads the surge in Tron DApp numbers

Find the original post here: postTron, the eleventh largest cryptocurrency on CoinMarketCap, recently collaborated with Bitpie, a partnership that would help startups to bridge the gap in vulnerable financial systems. Tron’s token might be lagging in terms of performance in the market but, Tron DApps continued to surge. The DApp weekly report released by the…

XRP vs Stellar Lumens [XLM] Price Analysis: Bears stall coins’ bullish momentum

Find the original post here: postRipple’s XRP saw a huge amount of capital being transferred yesterday and was ranked third on CoinMarketCap, with a market cap of $16.258 billion, at press time. According to CoinMarketCap, XRP was priced at $0.386 and had a 24 hour trading volume of $1.664 billion. It surged by 4.07% over 24 hours.…

DigiByte [DGB]: Nationwide Merchant Solutions sets up DGB payments for businesses and merchants

Find the original post here: postThe partnership between DigiByte and Block 30 labs last month at the DigiByte Global summit resulted in benefits to both the cryptocurrency and the decentralised block token provider. Both proponents in the partnership intend to scale the adaptability of blockchain technology and are working towards complimenting each other while doing…

Binance’s CZ accused of ‘pump and dump,’ SEC busts crypto Ponzi scheme and more

Find the original post here: post Crypto News – 24 May – Binance CEO CZ accused of causing ‘pump and dump’ by analyst, SEC busts Ponzi scheme utilizing diamond-backed cryptocurrency and more Don’t forget to follow us for our daily videos#binance #SEC #CryptocurrencyNews @cz_binance — AMBCrypto (@CryptoAmb) May 24, 2019 Crypto News – 24…

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Coinbase Jobs Rank in LinkedIn’s Top 50 US Employers List 2019

Find the original post here: post Cryptocurrency is taking over the financial world, and crypto exchanges are taking over the jobs world. Because on LinkedIn’s Top 50 US employers list for 2019, Coinbase has ranked higher than investment banking giant JPMorgan. Now, Coinbase jobs will be in higher demand than ever before. The Perks of Coinbase…

Bitcoin Price: BTC Extends Rally On Strong Momentum, Now What?

Find the original post here: post Bitcoin price is going up again on Wednesday, extending Tuesday’s monster rally of over 15%. Early Tuesday morning, BTC ballooned to about $5,080, breaking its long-term resistance level of $4,200. For months now since its infamous crash last year, BTC has struggled to surpass the $4,200 mark, and this…

Jack Dorsey, Bitcoin Evangelist, Speaks About Square in Recent Podcast

Find the original post here: post Twitter founder Jack Dorsey has earned himself the title of ‘Bitcoin Evangelist’—such is his advocation for digital assets. His support of Bitcoin has been consistent and unwavering. Dorsey, as a successful businessman, is hard to ignore. His support for the leading cryptocurrency spurs on Bitcoin bulls and those who love…

Crypto News: OKEx Lists TRON and IBM Adds Two Blockchain Patents

Find the original post here: post In today’s edition of crypto news, we’ll cover OKEX’s latest addition to its customer-to-customer platform and IBM’s new blockchain patents. Crypto news has been a bit slow this week, in regards to big announcements but the two we’ll discuss today should give investors some confidence going into the weekend. OKEx…